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I am a member (currently chair) of NEN-normcommissie (NC) 381034 'Behandeling en uitwisseling van tekst'. This is the Netherlands' mirror committee of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 'Document description languages and processing languages'. It has been working amongst

If you are interested you can read the draft comments I submitted to the NEN committee (PDF | ODF). The final comments will not be made public as the committee has not been able to decide on which comments it would like to send. However, the version prior to discussion within the committee of all comments I personally made can be found below. Some comments of particular interest to others might be:

Please note that page numbers in my comments reference the original specification submitted to ISO by ECMA (as it should). Meanwhile another version was supplied; possibly others will challenge the whole procedure and ask for an abort as it is apparently illegal to alter the specs during the ballot period). A request to at least extend the Review period for three months in order to review (very sizeable and complex) annexes that were initially missing as ECMA staff had not submitted them to ISO is also included in my comments.

ECMA 376/DIS 29500 is with 6039 pages a challenging read for anyone. There have been a number of (openly documented) review efforts by national standards bodies such as from the UK, USA, Czech Republic and India as well as community efforts like Grokdoc which have provided the insight that many hundreds if not thousands of legitimate technical and editorial issues exist – many of which in important areas. In order to raise the quality of DIS 29500 to the level of a proper standard the ISO community need to make sure that all significant comments are submitted to ISO, but due to its ailing consensus procedure (i.e. no comments can be delivered when a country abstains) one cannot be certain until the last minute that ones comments will actually be submitted.

Since some interesting reports are in most cases already publicly available through the web, it may be advisable to read through these and select the strongest points for inclusion in your national comments.

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