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10-13 June, 2001, Stockholm, Sweden

Conferentie georganiseerd door European Distance Education Network (EDEN), over de ontwikkelingen richting de volgende generatie van het onderwijs aan het Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Meer dan honderdtwintig bijdragen uit heel Europa - papers, workshops, poster sessions - belichten de trends en ontwikkelingen op het gebied van teleleren. Meer informatie is beschikbaar op de homepage van EDEN.

Meer informatie en aanmelding:
EDEN - European Distance Education Network Secretariat
Tel: +36 1 463 1628, 463 2259 Fax: + 36 1 463 1858

Of neem contact op met Michiel Leenaars van ISOC Nederland.

Conference themes and strands

Informal arenas of learning
Much learning occurs beyond traditional lecture halls and formal credit programmes.This strand addresses different aspects of integrating multiple forms of learning opportunities into daily life and in the workplace.
Tearing down boundaries
Distance education methods are often embedded in the developing new structures of education. Ways of working in different education systems seem to merge. Do we also need a merge between education systems and the breaking of barriers between educational sectors and institutions?
Opening the systems
Open systems are placed on the political agenda in some countries. New student groups and new providers are expected to enter education putting new demands and challenging the education systems. One key question is how to provide efficient and fast credit transfer across different forms of education and experience.
Searching for best practice
Highlighting and sharing new trends and practices gives an unlimited chance for professionalisation. New demands on education grow in praxis and so do new methods. Students, clients make choices and express their expectations of service and quality outcomes. Teachers and practitioners invent new ways of arranging situations for learning. What is the state of the art?
The European dimension
Networking and co-operation within Europe is of growing importance and it is strongly supported by the European Commission. How can that work further develop? What are the impact of globalisation on the European learning arena?






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