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Systems of the Information Society

18 juni 2001

The computing technology revolution continues to accelerate. The applications of this universal tool seem limitless. Indeed the convergence of computing, media and communication technologies has meant that each day we become more and more dependant on technology at work, at home, in travel, in learning and in communicating. Systems based on computing technology are powerful change agents.

Sociale en ethische impact van ICT
The overall theme for ETHICOMP 2001 is "Systems of the Information Society". The aim is to focus on the ethical and social impacts of these systems on society, organisations and individuals. This will be done from four perspectives: software engineering and systems development; teaching ethics to computing students; ethics in virtual communities; and ethics in the off-line world.

Wanneer: 18 - 20 juni 2001
Adres: Telecommunications and Informatics Technical University of Gdansk
Plaats: Gdansk, Poland
Contactpersoon: Michiel Leenaars





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