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European Forum on Harmful and Illegal Cyber Content


European Forum on Harmful and Illegal Cyber Content:
Self-Regulation, User Protection and Media Competence

Strasbourg, 28 November 2001
Human Rights Building


Media Division
Directorate General of Human Rights
Council of Europe
8h30 Arrival and registration


Opening speech
Pierre-Henri Imbert, Director General of Human Rights,
Council of Europe
Chair: Carolyn Morrison, Chairperson of the CDMM,
Head of International Broadcasting,
Department for Culture, Media and Sport, London

The Council of Europe Recommendation on self-regulation concerning cyber content
Andrea Millwood Hargrave, Research Director, Broadcasting Standards Commission, London

Keynote speech
Jean-François Abramatic, Chairman,
World Wide Web Consortium, Paris

11h00 Coffee break


GROUP 1: Co-operative forms of regulating the Internet

Chair: Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, President,
Orientation Council, Forum on Internet Rights, Paris


  • Antonio Amendola, Assistant to the President,
  • Communications Agency, Naples, Italy
  • Markus Berni, Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie, Zurich
  • Ruth Dixon, Deputy Chief Executive,
  • Internet Watch Foundation, Oakington, UK
  • Sabine Frank, Secretary General, Voluntary Self-control
  • of Multimedia Service Providers, Berlin

GROUP 2: User empowerment and media competence: Combining protection and education

Chair: Sonia Livingstone, Professor of Social Psychology, London School of Economics and Political Science, London


  • Parry Aftab, Executive Director, Cyberangels, New York
  • Jan d'Arcy, Co-Director, Media Awareness Network, Ottawa
  • John Carr, NCH Action for Children, London
  • Marc Knobel, Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Paris
  • Friedemann Schindler,, Mainz, Germany

13h00 Lunch break

14h30 WORKING GROUPS (continued)

Discussion of possible future national initiatives by participants: Hotlines, Internet industry associations, user associations, education and awareness.

15h30 Coffee break


Reports by the Chairpersons of the Working Groups

Discussion with all panellists

General report
Beth Simone Noveck, Director of International Programmes, Information Society Project, Yale Law School

* * *

18h00 Reception at the Restaurant in the Human Rights Building, hosted by the Director General of Human Rights

The Ministers participating in the 6th European Ministerial Conference on Mass Media Policy, which was held in Cracow on 15-16 June 2000, agreed in their Declaration on "a media policy for tomorrow" that the human and democratic dimension of communication should be at the core of the intergovernmental activities of the Council of Europe in the media field, focusing around four essential axes: (1) the balance between freedom of expression and information and other rights and legitimate interests, (2) pluralism of media services and content, (3) the promotion of social cohesion, and (4) the adaptation of the regulatory framework for the media in the light of the ongoing changes.

Through the organisation of this Forum, the Steering Committee on the Mass Media of the Council of Europe aims to provide an operational follow-up to its work towards a Recommendation on self-regulation concerning cyber-content, take stock of existing experiences and initiatives at European and international level as regards self-regulation and co-regulation, bring together different actors in the field with a view to initiating partnerships and co-operation, and identify the needs for possible further initiatives in this area.

All panel reports, further information and contact details of self-regulatory initiatives will be published on the Web site of the Forum:

Registrations and questions concerning the Forum or the work of the Council of Europe in the media field can be addressed to:

Mr Pall Thorhallsson Tel.: (+33) 3 88 41 23 29
Mr Rüdiger Dossow Tel.: (+33) 3 88 41 28 59
Media Division, DG II - Human Rights Fax: (+33) 3 88 41 27 05
Council of Europe E-mail:
F - 67075 Strasbourg

The Forum will be held at:
Council of Europe, Human Rights Building, Press Room and Room of the Directorate General, Quai Ernest Bevin / Rue Boecklin, Strasbourg, France

Hotel and transport information is available via the web site of Strasbourg:




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