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Personal Wireless Conference 2001

Mobile communications has created a major breakthrough in new telecom services worldwide during the last decade. It is expected that the number of global mobile connections exceeds the number of fixed connections in the next five years period. At the same time the new IMT-2000 compatible Third Generation (3G) broadband networks and services will be available. The data service breakthrough enabled by Internet will create new possibilities for mobile and wireless services. A lot of research is also targeted to wireless Internet services and IP-mobility.

The PWC '2001 conference will be a forum for tutorials, discussions and presentations of the new developments in mobile and wireless research. The conference is planned with one day for tutorials and two days for presentations. The following areas are included in the scope of the conference:

  • Wireless Access networks
  • Wireless LANs
  • Cellular networks
  • Digital microwave systems and networks
  • Digital radio and TV broadcasting
  • Satellite networks
  • Short range communications and applications
  • Mobile personal communications
  • Issues for Wireless Multimedia Networking
  • Radio Access Techniques for Broadband Mobile Communications
  • Technologies, Services and Applications
  • Design Issues and Performance Evaluation
  • Economic Issues

The topics can be examined from the viewpoint of architecture and protocols, modulation, coding and decoding, methods of communication functions (multiple access, error control, flow control, routing, etc.), security, implementation, user aspects, legal, economic, social, and human related issues.

The Personal Wireless Conference belongs to an IFIP workshop and conference series arranged by IFIP TC-6 Working Group 6.8. The previous events were held in preceding years at Prague, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Gdansk. The PWC\'2001 event in Lappeenranta will be held in conjunction with the 10th Summer School on Telecommunications, the largest telecom event in Finland.

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Ms. Jenni Hyvärinen
PL 20
FIN-53851 Lappeenranta
tel. +385 (0)5 621 6670

Wanneer: 8-10 augustus 2001
Adres: University of Technology
Plaats: Lappeenranta, Finland

Contactpersoon: Ms. Jenni Hyvärinen

Routebeschrijving: Noorden aanhouden.




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