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SIPSIG: Infrastructure ENUM


Terwijl User ENUM in Nederland zich klaarmaakt voor de start, is ook Infrastructure ENUM behoorlijk populair. Onder dagvoorzitterschap van de Amerikaanse ENUM-veteraan Richard Shockey gaan we tijdens deze SIPSIG-bijeenkomst met onder meer Douglas J. Ranalli, Eli Katz en Steve Heap de diepte in om te kijken waar Infrastructure ENUM naar toe zal gaan - zowel technisch als organisatorisch.

De laatste tijd is er steeds meer discussie of Infrastructure ENUM niet meer zou moeten kunnen. Douglas J. Ranalli van het Amerikaanse NetNumber betoogt dat publieke Infrastructure ENUM een te beperkte functionaliteit heeft. Een specifieke query leidt namenlijk altijd tot dezelfde response, onafhankelijk van wie de query pleegt en aan wie die gericht is. Volgens Doug is het nodig dat de operator bij een bepaald nummer kan beslissen dat verschillende queriers verschillende antwoorden ontvangen. Tevens zou de queriers zelf verschillende antwoorden willen kunnen ontvangen, afhankelijk van zijn businessrelaties. Wat is de toekomst van het federatieve model? Hoe waarschijnlijk is het dat er snel "federaties van federaties" zullen ontstaan? Of blijven we voorlopig zitten met de "multiple-root" situatie?


13.00-13.10 Opening
13.10-13.50 Lezing Richard Shockey
13.50-14.30 Lezing Eli Katz
14.30-15.00 Break
15.00-15.40 Lezing Douglas J. Ranalli
15.40-16.20 Lezing Steve Heap, Arbinet
16.20-17.00 Panel discussion led by Adrian Georgescu:

with Eli Katz, Richard Shockey, Doug Ranalli, Steve Heap, Willem Verbrugh (COIN) and Ben van Leliveld (VDVL)

  • Regulatory implications for private tree federations
  • Should RTP data follow the signaling or be end-to-end
  • Impact on billing systems for VoIP operators when using ENUM
  • The multiple-root problem, should it be or can it be only one? Does this affect competition?
  • Where is the link between Private ENUM and Public ENUM?

Tijd en plaats

De bijeenkomst wordt op donderdagmiddag 11 oktober 2007 gehouden tussen 13.00 uur en 17.00 uur in de aula van de Koninklijke Bibliotheek in Den Haag. Na afloop is er een netwerkborrel die wordt aangeboden door SIDN samen met het ENUM Innovatieplatform.


Je kunt je aanmelden via de site.

Meer info: Michiel Leenaars of Adrian Georgescu


Richard Shockey, Neustar

Richard Shockey is a Director& Member of the Technical Staff for NeuStar, Inc. [] based in Suburban Washington DC. NeuStar provides a number of critical services to the communications industry including the administration of all telephone numbers in North America, management of the wireline and wireless Number Portability Administration, number pooling and OSS products for carriers. NeuStar also operates the .BIZ. Internet Top Level Domain and manages the United States Country Code domain .US for the U.S. Dept of Commerce. Mr. Shockey is a founder and has been Co-Chair of the IETF ENUM Work Group for many years and is an author of several IETF RFC's and numerous articles on Next Generation Network technologies for various publications. Educated at Washington University in St. Louis. Mr. Shockey and his wife live in Reston, Virginia.

Download presentation: [ PDF ]

Douglas J. Ranalli, Netnumber

Douglas J. Ranalli (Doug) is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of NetNumber, Inc. Mr. Ranalli is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur with experience in three high-growth start-ups. Prior to founding NetNumber, Doug was the founder and CEO of Fax International, Inc. an early entrant into the international fax over IP business that reached #20 on the INC 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the US in 1997. Prior to Fax International, Mr. Ranalli founded a publication for college students called DORM magazine while attending Cornell University as an undergraduate student. Under Mr. Ranalli's leadership, DORM grew to a controlled circulation of 1.2 million before being sold to Time, Inc. in 1987. Mr. Ranalli is the holder of multiple communications related patents and is the subject of a case study developed by the Harvard Business School entitled "Fax International Japan" which is utilized by a variety of MBA programs around the world. Mr. Ranalli holds degrees in Industrial Engineering (BS) from Cornell University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Download presentation: [ ODF | PDF | Powerpoint 2003 ]

Steve Heap, Arbinet

Steve Heap is CTO of Arbinet and is responsible for the evolution and engineering of Arbinet's network and services. He is also the Chairman of the Board of SPIDER Registry, Inc. SPIDER provides a set of low-cost, lightweight shared database tools that enables the efficient exchange of interconnect address information between trusted communications service providers and VoIP communities and currently manages 115 million numbers and services over 40 million active end-users. Prior to joining Arbinet, Mr. Heap served as Chief Operating Officer for a VoIP service provider, Chief Network Officer for an Global Internet backbone company, and also held senior executive positions at Teleglobe, Concert Communications, and British Telecom. Mr. Heap has over 30 years experience in the international communications industry.

Download presentation: [ ODF | PDF | Powerpoint 2003 ]

Eli Katz

Eli Katz is the Founder and CEO at XConnect, an organisation which realises the vision of global end-to-end IP communications. XConnect is a provider of 'Plug and Peer' VoIP interconnection services dedicated to connecting IP communications providers and by-passing the legacy PSTN. Eli co-founded and is interim chairman of the UK's VoIP trade body ITSPA - the Internet Telephony Service Providers' Association and has a distinguished track record in telecoms. In 1996 he joined Telco Global at its inception, and in 1999, as Managing Director, the company grew rapidly offering telecoms, internet & mobile services to one million customers with GBP 250m annual revenue. He was a key player in the IPO of the US parent company.

Download presentation: [ ODF | PDF |

Adrian Georgescu

Adrian Georgescu is Founder and CEO of AG Projects. Based in the Netherlands, AG Projects is a leading European company supplying service providers with turnkey SIP infrastructure systems. Adrian is an advocate of IETF standards, member of OpenSER management board, founder and co-chair of the Dutch ISOC SIP Special Interest Group. Prior to starting of his own company, Adrian had accumulated experience with Tomrad Communications, Esprit Telecom, GTS, Ebone and KPNQwest. Adrian's expertise is the design of high-availability infrastructures, addressing and numbering systems, signaling protocols, provisioning and mediation systems, implementation of disaster recovery plans. Adrian has received in 1996 a degree in Electrical Engineering from Faculty of Electrotechnics at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania.

Sikko de Graaf

Sikko de Graaf is director Services at cable operator Caiway. He was one of the initiators of the VoIP-exchange field trial between five Dutch cable operators that turned into the SIP Exchange Nederland which is now in production.

Sikko de Graaf will be replaced by Ben van Leliveld

Ben van Leliveld

Ben van Leliveld is founding member and director of the Dutch consulting firm VDVL. VDVL delivers independent consulting and projectmanagement services to all major telecom, cable and internet companies and organizations in the Netherlands. He is projectmanager for the VoIP-exchange field trial between Dutch cable operators that turned into the SIP Exchange Nederland.

Willem Verbrugh, COIN

Willem Verbrugh is board member of COIN, the Association for number portability in the Netherlands. He is Chair of the COIN Change board and Taskforce Information Management. In his professional life he is Senior Advisor at bbned NV and Programme manager OSS/BSS at bbned NV. He is a former board member of the late NLIP (Dutch Internet Services Providers' Association).





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